Silver Quijote for Finca Marisánchez 2009

The IV Regional Competition of Vinos Tierra del Quijote (Wines of the Land from Quixote), organised by the City’s Department for Development and Wine Promotion of Alcázar de San Juan, has already announced its winners. The jury’s results were published, after a two hours tasting and after having recounted 10.000 tasting punctuation notes of this macro competition, in which 1,000 people participated (amateurs and professionals), who selected the wines from all over Castilla-La Mancha, that were elaborated the best.

A total of 250 wines from 92 wineries from all the Appellation of Origins of Castilla-La Mancha, included Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla, where struggling for being awarded with a prize that unites both the criteria of experts and the taste of the final consumers